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Fresh Tea Tek

This Tek is actually a pretty generic no nonsense method that I am sure is used by many, and might have many other names. Here goes!

This Tek assumes you have acquired a cutting of mescaline active San Pedro, or have a live cactus to take a cutting from. Here is the things you may need. Read through the method, improvise implementation details if needed, this is a simple Tek, you can do it!

  • knife (to de-spine and skin the cactus)
  • a stove or fire pit (to boil a pot of water)
  • a pot (to boil water in)
  • water
  • a strainer
  • time, 1 hour prep, 5 to 6 hours boiling

Cutting size

Choose a cutting, or cactus arm, that is at least the size of your own forearm, as measured from your elbow to the end of your balled-up fist, and roughly the same girth. If the potency of the cactus is unknown, its best to error on the side of slightly longer. You can evaluate your dosage as the trip progresses and sip more tea if needed. But if you end up with too little, you are out of luck.

Remove the spines and skin

  1. remove the spines using the tip of the knife, compost
  2. peel the thin waxy layer on the outside with hands or with help of the knife, compost
  3. use the knife to carefully peel away all the wet green flesh layer, keep this
  4. try to avoid the white pulpy stuff under the fleshy green skin, it wont hurt if you get a little, but it will make the tea more bitter and add to stomach discomfort.


First boiling

  1. place the green skin shaving into the pot with ~3 liters of water
  2. boil over medium flame for 3 to 4 hours
  3. you should be able to reduce to about 250 ml (~1 cup)
  4. pour through strainer to remove any solids

Second boiling

  1. put the shavings back into the pot with ~2 liters of fresh water
  2. boil for 2 more hours
  3. pour through strainer and combine with first batch
  4. you are aiming for 250 to 500 ml of liquid total after both boils
  5. less liquid simply means less you have to drink, 250 ml would be ideal, but 300 or 400 ml is fine!
    1. less liquid is desirable as this tea is bitter to drink
  6. if needed continue to reduce the combined batch to somewhere between 400 and 250 ml.
  7. let combined batch cool over night

Preparing to drink the tea

This is mostly common sense stuff for general harm reduction. It may seem fairly subjective or completely optional for some. The high level message is be mindful of set and setting, like with other psychedelics. Here are some general tips.

  1. eat a light dinner, and get plenty of sleep the night before
  2. choose a comfortable, beautiful, peaceful and secluded place outside
  3. outside is best, the experience is not suited for an urban/indoor experience
  4. avoid public places, like a park, with people whom are not aware of what you are doing
  5. allow time for to prepare mentally beforehand, and plan time for reflection afterwords
  6. be well hydrated

Drinking the Tea

Wake up on time and eat a light breakfast. Most people, but not all, prefer to drink the tea in the morning as this allows you to experience your peak in day light. Timing it right is important. The effects will last up to 16 hours, and it may take up to 2 hours before the effects start after drinking the tea. After drinking the tea it is not uncommon to feel light nausea. Don't worry it will pass. If its your first experience consider drinking only half to 3/4 of your tea and waiting for the effects to come on. If you are feeling well when the effects start to come on and you not overwhelmed by nausea and are feeling confident, then drink the rest. The peak of the experience will last 4 to 5 hours. By the late afternoon or early evening time you will coming down but the experience will continue into the evening. You might find yourself in deep contemplation until well past a normal bed time. Being awake later into the evening is not uncommon as you may feel wired or awake with contemplative thoughts. Eventually peaceful sleep will arrive.